Scope of Studies of the 2nd Congress of “Ahd Ma’al Hussein (AS)” and International Congress of “Ligha Al-Hussein (AS)” were Announced




Hojatoleslam Saeed Esfehanian, conferences’ secretary of As’hab al-Hussein institution , stating that at the 2nd international congress of Ahd Ma’al Hussein (AS), there will be Epistemological studies, Urbanization Style studies; Futurology studies; Art and Media Studies; Inter-Religious and Civilizational studies; Health and Medicine Studies; and studies on Literary Works and Poetry. The congress will be held next to the Holy Mosque of Kufa, and professors will submit their research in the form of specialized articles and conferences.Esfehanian added: besides holding this congress, on November 12 and 13, there will be a practical painting workshop for art students and relevant audiences.

He also said that at the second congress of Ligha Al-Hussein (AS) there will be four scope of studies: civilizational studies, social studies, intercultural studies and strategic studies.

This congress will be held with the support of Islamic Research Center, Radwan Establishments’ Complex, Holy Mosque of Jamkaran and Strategic and Cultural Studies Institute of As’hab Al-Hussein (AS) onTuesday, November 15, 2016 in Karbala for one day.